Read about the first global, legally binding treaty to regulate international arms transfers.

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The Arms Trade Treaty-Baseline Assessment Project (ATT-BAP) helps States identify the requirements necessary to effectively implement the ATT. The project establishes the baseline against which to monitor the effectiveness of the ATT and highlights the specific capacity gaps and needs, as well as resources, of individual States and regions. The ATT-BAP has been devised in order to give clear guidance on the obligations contained within the ATT for States Parties; increase understanding of measures that can be taken to ensure that States are in a position to ratify the ATT and ensure effective implementation of the Treaty; contribute towards effective, targeted, and coordinated international assistance; deliver a baseline assessment of States’ abilities to effectively implement the ATT; and provide indicators for monitoring the Treaty’s impact.

[The ATT] is about promoting international peace and global security…and advancing important humanitarian goals.

– U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry

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