Country Profiles

The ATT outlines a framework for States’ national control systems to regulate the conventional arms trade. Each country has their own national system and may require guidance and assistance to develop, strengthen and maintain an effective and transparent arms transfer control system. The ATT-BAP Baseline Assessment Survey provides an opportunity for States to self-assess their national control systems based on the ATT’s obligations. Upon completion of the survey, States can ascertain what they are doing, what they need to do, and what resources they may require or be able to provide for effective Treaty implementation.

The country profiles reflect information captured in completed surveys and provide a baseline for future measurement of the Treaty’s impact on transfer controls.The country profiles contain official information on the different implementation practices currently utilized by States to regulate international arms transfers and prevent the illicit arms trade, and can be used as a tool for States to prepare for entry into force. The country profiles allow States to share examples of different national understandings of key concepts in the Treaty, such as varying definitions of brokering and interpretations of Article 6.3, and also measures undertaken to mitigate risks and prevent diversion that could be collated as “good practice measures.”