National Transfer Controls

The National Transfer Controls database offers an overview of the varying national arms transfer control systems maintained by States Parties to the ATT. The database is made up of country profiles on national arms regulation measures, with an aim of facilitating greater awareness and understanding of varying arms transfer control systems around the world. The database enables users to identify good practices in arms regulation, highlight States that employ good practices and can be viewed as a source for sharing knowledge and experiences, provides an opportunity for UN Member States to identify gaps in effective ATT implementation that could be addressed by international cooperation and assistance, and inform deliberations in the ATT working group on implementation.

The National Transfer Control country profiles reflect information captured in completed ATT initial reports, ATT-BAP surveys, and UN PoA National Reports. The country profiles contain official information on the different implementation practices currently utilized by States to regulate international arms transfers and prevent the illicit arms trade, and can be used as a tool for States to prepare for entry into force and support effective implementation. The country profiles allow States to share examples of different national understandings of key concepts in the Treaty, such as measures undertaken to mitigate risks and prevent diversion that could be collated as “good practice measures.”